Hedgehog Care (Egelopvang Haarlem)

From 24 Nov 2017 til 3 May 2018 we had two new hedgehogs: Henry and Joris. Both young males. Henry (green) was brought to the Care Centre on 11 nov ’17, thin, 377 g. Joris (red) was brought 23 oct ’17, just a 156 g puppy, found under attack by magpies.
Both were still quite active the first month, walking the garden by night. One even slept somewhere in the garden some weeks. Later they sticked together and inactive in one of the cabins, probably hibernating.
Weights are declining, maybe also due to hibernation, which they seemed “busy with” (kept rolled in, no movement) on our 3/1/2018 weighting.
In april we weighted them again, little decline, but their liveliness made up for it.
End of the same month they were already gaining weight fast (ca. 20% in three weeks time!). Henry is a bit behind, seems to suffer from some mold (white spots between the fur). We decided to bring them in to the daycare again.

Date Henry Joris
24/11/17 718 681
3/01/18 528 622
11/04/18 460 560
30/04/18 616 806


End of May 2017 we brought Herman and Robin back to the Hedgehog Care Centre at Haarlem. Herman seemed to suffer from scabies, Robin was actually okay and vivid, but not thicker than at the start (they were supposed to fatten up). At the centre Myra told that many hedgehogs were brought back this winter due to diseases. The scabies did not look too alarming though. And Robin was put back into the wild a few days later.

Weight still increasing for Herman and especially Robin:

Name Color 21/10/16 07/04/17 17/04 27/04 17/05 29/05
Herman Blue ? 753 772 746 830 838
Robin Yellow 345 700 707 786 890 974

We received new hedgehogs, like previous years. They come from an asylum (Egelopvang Haarlem) and after their cure need to stay in fenced gardens for one or more months to settle down and get used to a more wild environment again.

Two young males arrived 7th of April: Herman was brought to the asylum 25/10/2016 in poor condition with hypothermia and ticks and flees. Robin brought in suffering from scabies on 21/10/2016. We have two houses for them, where they hide during the days. We provided plates with canned cat food (under tiles: there are a lot of cats in the neighborhood that are interest in the snack as well, our own cat upfront),  and they appear to have found their way.

Myra (of Egelopvang Haarlem) with Herman
Daughter Eep with Robin
Herman after first week.
Hajo, Eep, Herman and Pien
Arie weighting Herman